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Posted: Jul 15, 2017 03:02 AM
Manhattan, NY
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"Stubs R Us" offers professional quality documentation of ANY and ALL types, ranging from Check Stubs to Novelty Credit Reports. We offer fast, same day turnaround. Place your order and once your Docs are complete, we send a WATERMARKED version prior to payment. You then review them to make sure they are to your standards. Once accepted, you send payment via Western Union or MoneyGram. Once payment is acquired, we send your complete UN-WATERMARKED version on the spot. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Prices range depending on form of document and quantity. WE DO COMBINE ORDERS FOR LOWER PRICES AND REPEAT CUSTOMERS ALWAYS GET DISCOUNTS. So come place your orders now!

*Check Stubs
*Bank Statements
*Utility Bills
*Tax Return 2015 Available
*Credit Report
*Job Letter/30 Day Job Verification

These are the most ordered but we offer a larger selection, so if you don't see what you need, call in and ask.

*Legal Disclaimer*
- These are NOVELTY documents. We are not liable for how these items may be used, whether Legally or Illegally. The customer takes FULL ACCOUNTABILITY for however they decide to use the items.

*No Scam Assurance*
- We are a customer service company, so the customer always comes first. If you are unsure or skeptical, understand that we send your completed document prior to payment. The watermark is to ensure that we are not scammed. Also understand that it would be COMPLETELY POINTLESS on our part to take our precious time to actually finish your document and not send the un-watermarked version after payment.
7 1 8 3 0 4 6 8 7 4---- TEXT 500 FOR FASTER SERVICE

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