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Posted: May 12, 2017 08:23 AM
SwapOne is a one stop-shop for trading in your used electronics
Washington D.C., D.C.
(802) 468-7927
Website / Link:
Our company purchases and sells consumer electronics from both companies and people.

With over 1000 electronics up for automated offer, we provide more customers with increased choices for approaches to get money fast. At Swap.One we have three key differentiators that set us apart from our competition. Our most valuable asset is our ability to make an offer on nearly any kind of electronic or commercial equipment.

When we receive the item (generally within 3 days) we will inspect it and either send a check or a PayPal payment based on the client 's preference. For commercial items which are too large to send, one of our drivers can come and pick up with cash in hand.
We have over 230 drop off locations nationwide so that you do not need to package anything. Just submit your item and print out the provided form. Turn that form in to the selected drop off place and we'll do the rest all at no cost.

We can also provide item pick-up straight from your doorstep for a small fee taken from your offer amount. When you've commercial equipment that's too large to ship we could send one of our drivers to come pick it up with cash.

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