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Posted: Jun 12, 2018 01:33 AM
Piano tuning with first time client discount
Anchorage, AK
(907) 538-5556 (David Chiu)
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AK Piano Tech is offering piano services and provide discounts on piano tunings
Detailed information can be found on our website www.PianoTuningService.net

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David Chiu
(907) 538-5556

In Alaska, if you get your piano tuned after the summer ends, or the beginning of winter, it will not last too long until you have to get it tuned again


The most important factor causing pianos to go out of tune is the change in humidity from season to season that occurs in most temperate climates, affecting all pianos, good and bad, new and old, played and unplayed. Unless your piano has been installed with a piano-specific humidifier, it will most likely be effected by the change of seasons regardless of any home-humidifiers.

Therefore, in Alaska, the enormous climate change between summer and winter makes it wise to have your piano tuned twice a year. You should avoid times of rapid humidity change and seek times when the humidity will be stable for a reasonable length of time. Turning the heat on in the house during fall and winter, and then off again in the spring, both cause major indoor humidity changes, and in each case it may take a few months before the piano soundboard fully stabilizes again at the new humidity level. So in Alaska, I would recommend your piano tuned once around June-July and once around December

For more interesting piano owner information, please visit our website www.PianoTuningService.net

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