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Posted: Oct 17, 2018 04:59 AM
Beautiful Tantric Goddess SHAKTI - www.kamasutradance.com -AUTHENTIC & REAL
Chicago, IL
(630) 926-8809

Phone: 630 926 8809

We offer a wide range of exclusive bodywork techniques to relax your body and invigorate your mind – enhanced with a sensual and spiritual touch.

A visit to experience one of our award-winning programs is a true indulgence for your senses.

Place yourself in the skilled hands of your practitioners and let yourself drift off into a world where all your day-to-day stresses and strains seem to melt away.

Enquire About our RAnge of Options for the Chicago Area -

Tantra Bodywork - Levels 1 - 3.. a mix and blend of body to body and table work.. www.instituteoftantra.com

Kundalini Bodywork. - A deep energtic metting with your inner self.

Kama Sutra Dance & Bodywork - www.kamasutradance.com we are the ONLY authentic Kama Sutra Dance Providers in the US

Our practitioners are independent, professional and are trained in skills from the basics of bodywork to making their own products.

A warm welcome and personal attention are guaranteed.

We look forward to working with new professional practitioners who would like to enhance their own spiritual or wellness practices with our specialised services.

We have worked with Days Spas, personal practitioners, Bodywork Centres, Healing and Wellness centres, Natural Therapy Centres as well as hospitals, aged care facilities and disability support networks from all over the world.

Experience the professional and friendly training from one of our facilitators in one of the programs listed on this website.


Always Seeking practitioners from All over the US... to work with our establishment... new Management.. new programs and definately a new approach to the Body..

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