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Posted: Feb 04, 2018 03:36 AM
Lose weight TODAY !! Herbalife 24 Works Money Back Guarantee
Carbondale, IL
Herbalife 24 has a proven system that works!

I struggled with weight my entire life until my girlfriend gave me Herbalife meal replacement shakes. They were delicious and at the cost of less than $2.00 per shake I was replacing meals without hunger. Not only did I save more than $400 a month in food that I was eating before Herbalife but I lost over 14 lbs. I dropped from a size 34 waist to size 30 and I never looked better.

Please contact me at www.goherbalife.com/shakeclub/


The products have a money back guarantee because they truly work.

Weightloss is 80% Nutrition 20% Exercise 100% Mindset

There is no miracle drug that will help you lose weight in a healthy way. Herbalife is packed with good nutrition that will fill your body with the healthy nutrients your body wants so that you are full and wont fill your body with the day to day junk that most people living in America today consume on a daily basis. This is why Herbalife works. Contact me today and let me change your life! You can thank me later.


Tony Palumbo
Wellness Coach
Herbalife 24
an Independent Distributor

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